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React-Native plugin for the bluetooth ESC/POS & TSC printers.

Any questions or bug please raise a issue.

Still under developement

May support Android /IOS

GitHub license npm version


Step 1

Install via NPM Check In NPM

npm install react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer --save

Or install via github

npm install --save


Link the plugin to your RN project

react-native link react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer

Or you may need to link manually. //TODO: manually link guilds.


Refers to your JS files

    import {BluetoothManager,BluetoothEscposPrinter,BluetoothTscPrinter} from 'react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer';

Usage and APIs


BluetoothManager is the module that for Bluetooth service management, supports Bluetooth status check, enable/disable Bluetooth service,scan devices,connect/unpaire devices.

  • isBluetoothEnabled ==> async function, check whether Bluetooth service is enabled. //TODO: consider to return the the devices information already bound and paired here..
     BluetoothManager.isBluetoothEnabled().then((enabled)=> {
                alert(enabled) // enabled ==> true /false
            }, (err)=> {
  • enableBluetooth ==> diff + ANDROID ONLY async function, enable the bluetooth service, returns the devices information already bound and paired. diff - IOS would just resovle with nil
                var paired = [];
                if(r && r.length>0){
                    for(var i=0;i<r.length;i++){
                            paired.push(JSON.parse(r[i])); // NEED TO PARSE THE DEVICE INFORMATION
  • disableBluetooth ==> diff + ANDROID ONLY async function ,disable the bluetooth service. diff - IOS would just resovle with nil
            // do something.
  • scanDevices ==> async function , scans the bluetooth devices, returns devices found and pared after scan finish. Event [BluetoothManager.EVENT_DEVICE_ALREADY_PAIRED] would be emitted with devices bound; event [BluetoothManager.EVENT_DEVICE_FOUND] would be emitted (many time) as long as new devices found.

samples with events:

            BluetoothManager.EVENT_DEVICE_ALREADY_PAIRED, (rsp)=> {
                this._deviceAlreadPaired(rsp) // rsp.devices would returns the paired devices array in JSON string.
            BluetoothManager.EVENT_DEVICE_FOUND, (rsp)=> {
                this._deviceFoundEvent(rsp) // rsp.devices would returns the found device object in JSON string

samples with scanDevices function

            .then((s)=> {
                var ss = JSON.parse(s);//JSON string
                    pairedDs: this.state.pairedDs.cloneWithRows(ss.paired || []),
                    foundDs: this.state.foundDs.cloneWithRows(ss.found || []),
                    loading: false
                }, ()=> {
                    this.paired = ss.paired || [];
                    this.found = ss.found || [];
            }, (er)=> {
                    loading: false
                alert('error' + JSON.stringify(er));
  • connect ==> async function, connect the specified devices, if not bound, bound dailog promps.

    BluetoothManager.connect(rowData.address) // the device address scanned.

  • unpaire ==> async function, disconnect and unpaire the specified devices
        //success here
        //error here
  • Events of BluetoothManager module
EVENT_DEVICE_ALREADY_PAIRED Emits the devices array already paired
EVENT_DEVICE_DISCOVER_DONE Emits when the scan done
EVENT_DEVICE_FOUND Emits when device found during scan
EVENT_CONNECTION_LOST Emits when device connection lost
EVENT_UNABLE_CONNECT Emits when error occurs while trying to connect device
EVENT_CONNECTED Emits when device connected
EVENT_BLUETOOTH_NOT_SUPPORT Emits when device not support bluetooth(android only)


The printer for label printing.

  • printLabel ==> async function the perform label print action.

Options of printLabel( ) function: (JSON object)

label with , the real size of the label, matured by mm usualy.
label height, the real size of the label, matured by mm usualy.
the printing direction, constants of BluetoothTscPrinter.DIRECTION, values BluetoothTscPrinter.DIRECTION.FORWARD/BluetoothTscPrinter.DIRECTION.BACKWARD (0/1)
the gap between 2 labels, matured by mm usualy.
the "zero" position of the label, values [x,y], default [0,0]
switch of the paper cut, constants of BluetoothTscPrinter.TEAR, values ON/OFF (string 'ON','OFF')
switch of the bee sound, values 0/1
the collection of texts to print, contains following fields as the configuration:
    * text
        the text string,
    * x
        the text print start position-x
    * y
        the text print start position-y
    * fonttype
        the font type of the text, constanst of BluetoothTscPrinter.FONTTYPE,refereces as table:
            | CONSTANTS | VALUE   |
            |FONT_1| "1"|
            |FONT_2| "2"|
            |FONT_3| "3"|
            |FONT_4| "4"|
            |FONT_5| "5"|
            |FONT_6| "6"|
            |FONT_7| "7"|
            |SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE| "TSS24.BF2"|
            |TRADITIONAL_CHINESE| "TST24.BF2"|
            |KOREAN| "K"|
    * rotation
        the rotation of the text, constants of the BluetoothTscPrinter.ROTATION, referces as table:
               | CONSTANTS | VALUE   |
               |ROTATION_0| 0|
               |ROTATION_90| 90|
               |ROTATION_180| 180|
               |ROTATION_270| 270|
    * xscal
        the scal in x,
    * yscal
        the scal in y, xscal/yscal is the constants of the BluetoothTscPrinter.FONTMUL, referces as table:
         | CONSTANTS | VALUE   |
         |MUL_1| 1|
         |MUL_2| 2|
         |MUL_3| 3|
         |MUL_4| 4|
         |MUL_5| 5|
         |MUL_6| 6|
         |MUL_7| 7|
         |MUL_8| 8|
         |MUL_9| 9|
         |MUL_10: 10|
the collection of qrcodes to print, contains following fields as the configuration:
    * code
        the qrcode content string.
    * x
        the print start position at x
    * y
        the print start position at y
    * level
        the error correction level, constants of BluetoothTscPrinter.EEC, referces as tables:
        | CONSTANTS | VALUE   |
        |LEVEL_M| "M"|
        |LEVEL_Q| "Q"|
        |LEVEL_H| "H"|
    * width
        the qrcode size (width X width),since the qrcode are squre normally, so we just config the width.

    * rotation
        rationtion. the same as text object.
the collection of barcode to print, contains foloowing fields as configuration
  * x
    the print start position of x,
  * y
    the print start position of y,
  * type
    the barcode type, constants of BluetoothTscPrinter, definition as table:
    | CODE128 | "128" |
    | CODE128M | "128M" |
    | EAN128 | "EAN128" |
    | ITF25 | "25" |
    | ITF25C | "25C" |
    | CODE39 | "39" |
    | CODE39C | "39C" |
    | CODE39S | "39S" |
    | CODE93 | "93" |
    | EAN13 | "EAN13" |
    | EAN13_2 | "EAN13+2" |
    | EAN13_5 | "EAN13+5" |
    | EAN8 | "EAN8" |
    | EAN8_2 | "EAN8+2" |
    | EAN8_5 | "EAN8+5" |
    | CODABAR | "CODA" |
    | POST | "POST" |
    | UPCA | "EAN13" |
    | UPCA_2 | "EAN13+2" |
    | UPCA_5 | "EAN13+5" |
    | UPCE | "EAN13" |
    | UPCE_2 | "EAN13+2" |
    | UPCE_5 | "EAN13+5" |
    | CPOST | "CPOST" |
    | MSI | "MSI" |
    | MSIC | "MSIC" |
    | ITF14 | "ITF14" |
    | EAN14 | "EAN14" |

 * height
  the height of the barcode.
 * readable
  the hunman readable factor, 0-not readable, 1-readable.
 * rotation
  rotation, the same as text.
 * code
  the code to generate and print, should follow the restriction of the code type using.
 * wide
 the wide bar lines width (dot)
 * narrow
 the narrow bar line widht (dot)
the collection of the image to print.
 * x
 the print start position x.
 * y
 the print start position y.
 * mode
 the bitmap mode of print, constants of BluetoothTscPrinter.BITMAP_MODE, valuse OVERWRITE(0),OR(1),XOR(2).
 * width
 the width of the image to print. (height will be calculated by image ratio)
 * image
 the base64 encoded image data(without schema)

demo of printLabel() options

let options = {
   width: 40,
   height: 30,
   gap: 20,
   direction: BluetoothTscPrinter.DIRECTION.FORWARD,
   reference: [0, 0],
   tear: BluetoothTscPrinter.TEAR.ON,
   sound: 0,
   text: [{
       text: 'I am a testing txt',
       x: 20,
       y: 0,
       fonttype: BluetoothTscPrinter.FONTTYPE.SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE,
       rotation: BluetoothTscPrinter.ROTATION.ROTATION_0,
       yscal: BluetoothTscPrinter.FONTMUL.MUL_1
       text: '你在说什么呢?',
       x: 20,
       y: 50,
       fonttype: BluetoothTscPrinter.FONTTYPE.SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE,
       rotation: BluetoothTscPrinter.ROTATION.ROTATION_0,
       yscal: BluetoothTscPrinter.FONTMUL.MUL_1
   qrcode: [{x: 20, y: 96, level: BluetoothTscPrinter.EEC.LEVEL_L, width: 3, rotation: BluetoothTscPrinter.ROTATION.ROTATION_0, code: 'show me the money'}],
   barcode: [{x: 120, y:96, type: BluetoothTscPrinter.BARCODETYPE.CODE128, height: 40, readable: 1, rotation: BluetoothTscPrinter.ROTATION.ROTATION_0, code: '1234567890'}],
   image: [{x: 160, y: 160, mode: BluetoothTscPrinter.BITMAP_MODE.OVERWRITE,width: 60,image: base64Image}]


the printer for receipt printing, following ESC/POS command.


init the printer.

printAndFeed(int feed)

printer the buffer data and feed (feed lines).

printerLeftSpace(int sp)

set the printer left spaces.

printerLineSpace(int sp)

set the spaces between lines.

printerUnderLine(int line)

set the under line of the text, @param line -- 0-off,1-on,2-deeper

printerAlign(int align)

set the printer alignment, constansts: BluetoothEscposPrinter.ALIGN.LEFT/BluetoothEscposPrinter.ALIGN.CENTER/BluetoothEscposPrinter.ALIGN.RIGHT. Not works ant printPic() method.

printText(String text, ReadableMap options)

print text, options as following:

  • encoding => text encoding,default GBK.
  • codepage => codepage using, default 0.
  • widthtimes => text font mul times in width, default 0.
  • heigthTimes => text font mul times in height, default 0.
  • fonttype => text font type, default 0.

printColumn(ReadableArray columnWidths,ReadableArray columnAligns,ReadableArray columnTexts,ReadableMap options)

print texts in column, Parameters as following:

  • columnWidths => int arrays, configs the width of each column, calculate by english character length. ex:the width of “abcdef” is 5 ,the width of “中文” is 4.
  • columnAligns => arrays, alignment of each column, values is the same of printerAlign().
  • columnTexts => arrays, the texts of each colunm to print.
  • options => text print config options, the same of printText() options.

setWidth(int width)

sets the widht of the printer.

printPic(String base64encodeStr,ReadableMap options)

prints the image which encoded by base64, without schema.

  • options: contains the params that may use in printing pic: “with”:the pic with,basic on devices width(dots,58mm-384); “left”:the left padding of the pic,for the printing position adjustment.


prints the selft test.


set the rotate of the line.

setBlob(int weight)

set blob of the line.

printQRCode(String content, int size, int correctionLevel)

prints the qrcode.

printBarCode(String str,int nType, int nWidthX, int nHeight, int nHriFontType, int nHriFontPosition)

prints the barcode.

Demos of printing a receipt

await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printerAlign(BluetoothEscposPrinter.ALIGN.CENTER);
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.setBlob(0);
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("广州俊烨\n\r",{
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.setBlob(0);
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("销售单\n\r",{
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printerAlign(BluetoothEscposPrinter.ALIGN.LEFT);
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("客户:零售客户\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("单号:xsd201909210000001\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("日期:"+(dateFormat(new Date(), "yyyy-mm-dd h:MM:ss"))+"\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("销售员:18664896621\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("--------------------------------\n\r",{});
let columnWidths = [12,6,6,8];
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printColumn(columnWidths,
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printColumn(columnWidths,
    await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("\n\r",{});
  await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printColumn(columnWidths,
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("--------------------------------\n\r",{});
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printColumn([12,8,12],
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("折扣率:100%\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("折扣后应收:64000.00\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("会员卡支付:0.00\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("积分抵扣:0.00\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("支付金额:64000.00\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("结算账户:现金账户\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("备注:无\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("快递单号:无\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("打印时间:"+(dateFormat(new Date(), "yyyy-mm-dd h:MM:ss"))+"\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("--------------------------------\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("电话:\n\r",{});
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("地址:\n\r\n\r",{});
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printerAlign(BluetoothEscposPrinter.ALIGN.CENTER);
await  BluetoothEscposPrinter.printText("欢迎下次光临\n\r\n\r\n\r",{});
await BluetoothEscposPrinter.printerAlign(BluetoothEscposPrinter.ALIGN.LEFT);